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rarely, if ever, are any of us healed in isolation.
-Bell Hooks



Ailee Sykes

Feeling stuck, apathetic, overwhelmed, angry, worried, depressed, anxious, hopeless, or disconnected is exhausting and isolating. Many of our systems are designed to keep you this way, and you deserve more. I believe every person has an innate resilience, that helps us adapt to an ever changing world. I work to meet people where they are, connecting to the strength, courage, and insight already present and exploring areas for transformation and growth. 


I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, I received my bachelors and masters degree in social work from the University of Kansas. I have experience working with people from a wide variety of backgrounds, providing services that are culturally empowering and engage all aspects of a persons identity and experience. 


The approach I take starts with curiosity, where did we learn the beliefs we carry with us and are they serving us today. I help those I work with expand their awareness and connection to their nervous system, process and resolve traumatic experiences, and improve their connection with others. I utilize practice interventions including EMDR, polyvagal theory, attachment theory, strengths and systems approaches. 


I welcome individuals from LGBTQIA+ and CNM/polyam communities and take an affirming stance when working with individuals who do sex work. 



I am fortunate to work with individuals 13 years and older on topics including but not limited to:



Adjustments and transitions

Panic attacks




Depression and anxiety

Self-esteem and identity



Family wounds


I am pleased to work with couples on a wide variety of topics that may include:

Increasing trust and security

Working through trauma and triggers

Repairing hurt

Parenting problems

Changing patterns

Creating or restoring healthy boundaries



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